The Faculty of Sciences at the University of Salamanca aims to contribute towards the scientific, technological and educational advances of our society in the 21st century, serving as a leader in the scientific community at the national and international level.

This Faculty specializes in the professional and scientific development within the fields of mathematics, physics, geology, computer science engineering, statistics and geological engineering.

The Faculty of Sciences is a centennial institution that consists of four buildings located in the historical district of Salamanca. This Faculty is in the midst of an interesting process of adapting its degree programs according to the European Space for Higher Education while maintaining the continual improvement and development of its undergraduate and graduate (Master’s and Doctorate) degree programs, and initiating instructive and practical activities that complement the course requirements. The Faculty is currently comprised of 200 professors, 1700 students, with courses taught in over 20 departments. Additionally, the Faculty oversees more than twenty research groups and various associate research institutes


Juan Miguel Mateos Roco – Dean of the Faculty of Sciences.



Degree in Statistics

Degree in Physics

Degree in Mathematics 


Degree in Computer Science

Degree in Geological Engineering 

Degree in Geology