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The Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering was first taught at USAL in the academic year 2010-2011, after passing the verification process, and it replaced the Technical Engineering in Computer Systems and Computer Engineering (2nd cycle) that have been taught at USAL. This bachelor’s degree renewed its accreditation in 2016.

This bachelor’s degree aims to train students so that they acquire the skills required to exercise the profession of Technical Engineer in Computer Science, as established in the Agreement of the Spanish Council of Universities of 13th March 2009 (BOE 4/8/2009).

Our graduates in Computer Engineering are qualified to take on professional, academic, technical and managerial positions, and to be employed in very diverse areas. For example: e-business companies, financial institutions, consulting firms, electronic systems production companies, computing centres, IT or technology departments of any type of company, technology development centres and companies, public administration or teaching, training, research, development and innovation centres.

This four-year programme (60 ECTS per year to complete 240 ECTS) is structured in five blocks of 6 ECTS semester-long modules: basic training (60 ECTS), training on Computer Science (84 ECTS), modules on specific technology (48 ECTS on Information Technology and 6 on Computing), supplementary training or optional modules (30 ECTS) and undergraduate dissertation (12 ECTS). Among the optional modules offered in the 4th year, there are internships at external companies (12 ECTS).

In the academic year 2011-2012, after receiving a favorable report from the regional quality agency ACSUCyL, the Adaptation Course for BSc in Computer Engineering began to be taught so that Technical Engineers in Computer Systems who graduated from the previous programme, can obtain, after passing it, the new European bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering. This course consists of 60 ECTS, divided into 9 subjects and an Undergraduate Dissertation (12 ECTS). It has been taught in the afternoons for three years as an independent class group. Since 2014-2015 no more places are offered so no new students are admitted to this course and there is no teaching; only students from the previous editions who have a pending subject can still attend office hours and resit exams.

USAL offers dual degrees:


Register: 2502283 Graduado o Graduada en Ingeniería Informática por la Universidad de Salamanca (Vía RUCT)


Report: Graduate in Computer Engineering by the University of Salamanca


Coordinator: Francisco Javier Blanco Rodríguez

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