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BSc in Mathematics

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The BSc in Mathematics was taught for the first time at USAL in the 2008-2009 academic year, after passing the verification process (the Spanish Ministry and the Spanish Council of Universities). This Bachelor’s Degree renewed its accreditation in 2015 and 2021.

It is a totally renewed and innovative degree, designed with a clear goal: preparing our students to enter a labor market where mathematicians are in great demand (92% of graduates find a job in the first year after finishing their studies), integrating not only in the academic-educational sector, but specially in the application of Mathematics to other disciplines, such as computer science, telecommunications, banking and finance.

This Bachelor’s degree lasts four years (60 ECTS credits per year, to complete 240), the first two are devoted to basic and compulsory modules, and from the third year onwards all modules are elective, so that each student can design their own professional profile, combining three proposals:

  • Technical profile, oriented towards Computer Science and Telecommunications (which employs 45% of mathematicians)
  • Academic profile, oriented to Teaching and Research (which employs 38% of mathematician)
  • Social profile, oriented to Banking and Finance (which employs 17% of mathematicians)

In the fourth and final year, students are offered the possibility of dedicating it to doing internships at external entities and applied workshops (depending on the chosen profile), finishing their studies with an undergraduate dissertation.

The Dual degree in Physics and Mathematics is also available at USAL.

Register: 2500061 Graduado o Graduada en Estadística por la Universidad de Salamanca (Vía RUCT)

Memory: Graduate in Mathematics by the University of Salamanca

Monitoring Report 2020-2021, 2021-2022

(approved by the Quality Commission of the Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics 23-02-2023)


Coordinator: Mercedes Maldonado Cordero

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