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In the academic year 2011-2012, the Adaptation Course for BSc in Statistics began to be taught so that those who graduated from the previous three-year BSc Statistics programme can obtain the new Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics.

This Adaptation Course consists of 48 ECTS, divided into four modules and an Undergraduate Dissertation(24 ECTS). It is taught in the afternoons together with the BSc in Statistics lessons, during the whole academic year.

Official diploma awarded: European Bachelor of Science Degree in Statistics.
Duration: September to June.
Academic year of implementation: 2011-2012.
Total ECTS credits: 48.
Mode (Face-to-face / Blended Learning / Online): Face-to-face.
Language: Spanish.
Building: Faculty of Science at USAL.
Address: Pl. de los Caídos s/n 37008 Salamanca
Phone number: 923 29 44 50 – Fax: 923 294514

Entry requirements and admission criteria

a) Graduates in Statistics who graduated from the old programme at the University of Salamanca may directly access this adaptation course by continuing their studies.

b) Graduates in Statistics from other universities may also apply for a place in the course.The Faculty’s Committee of Transfer and Recognition (COTRARET) will study each individual case and decide what competences the student should obtain, and what modules are best suited for them.

c) Students of an old programme of Bachelor’s degree in Statistics who plan to complete their degree no later than September 2012 may apply for a place in the course.

Up to 12 credits may be recognised for professional experience, which would be deducted from the modules to be taken, provided that the work developed is directly related to the subjects that must necessarily be taken in the Adaptation Course. The credits corresponding to the Undergraduate Dissertation will not be recognised in any case.

There is a maximum of 30 places per course. The admission criterion for the allocation of places will be the average grade of the academic record of the degree of origin. In the event that the places are not filled by applicants in categories (a) and (b) above, the remaining places up to the indicated maximum (30) may be filled by applicants in category (c) above, provided that they have completed their studies prior to the date of enrolment. In this case and for the available places, the established admission criterion will be the average grade of their previous BSc in Statistics diploma.

Application procedure

Applicants who meet the requirements for admission to the Adaptation Course for BSc in Statistics may submit their application form at the Secretariat of the Faculty, addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of Science

The application form is available on this link [PDF] [DOC] [ODT] . It must be submitted to the Secretariat of the Faculty of Science together with the following documentation:

Credit recognition form. You can find it

Cases (a) and (b) : A photocopy of the diploma(s) that entitles you to access this Adaptation Course (or proof of having made the deposit).The original must be shown so that the photocopy can be verified, or a certified photocopy must be submitted.

Personal academic certification stating the average grade of your record calculated in accordance with the Spanish regulation R.D.1267/1994 of 10th June that modifies the R.D.1497/1987 of 27th November. Assessment of qualifications:

Numerical grades on a 0-10 range.
The modules recognised without a numerical grade will be counted as pass marks.
The recognised elective credits will not be taken into account in calculating the average grade.
The above grades will be weighted by the number of credits of each subject. In the case of curricula not structured in credits, the weighting will be: 1- Annual subject; 0.5- Four-monthly or six-monthly subject.
Students coming from the University of Salamanca are not required to submit this certification. It will be added to their transcript by the Secretary of the Faculty.

In those cases where accreditation of professional experience is required: A Social Security work history document, a photocopy of the employment contract and a certificate from the person in charge of the company/public agency, specifying functions and time worked, in addition to the skills acquired, will be required.

Case (c): Personal academic certification of subjects passed.

Calendar of administrative procedures

All procedures are carried out at the Secretary’s Office of the Faculty of Sciences. Information about the course, as well as deadlines, procedures and admission lists will be made public on the Center’s website

Enrollment will require the payment of the public prices for the credits recognized for access by continuation of studies, plus the public prices for the remaining credits to be enrolled or recognized. For the Recognition and Transfer of credits see the regulations available on the website of the University of Salamanca.

Annex I: Structure and training program

Subjects, Schedules, Faculty, Examination Calendar

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See Academic Guide

Annex III: Forms

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Application form
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Application form .doc

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Application form .odt

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Credit recognition form