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BSc Geology

Geology is the science that studies the origin, composition, structure and evolution of the planet Earth, as well as its current dynamics, the origin and evolution of life, the interactions between the Earth and other celestial bodies and the study of other planets. Geology has important implications for the safety and welfare of societies regarding risks of natural origin or the environment, for the study and use of natural resources and the feasibility of construction and infrastructure works, among others.

The BSc Geology offers broad and quality training that qualifies students for the exercise of all professional activities related to geology, whether from a scientific point of view as a professor or technician, in administration or in a private enterprise.

The University of Salamanca is the only University in Castile and Leon that has been offering Geology studies for over 50 years. The BSc Geology is taught in the Faculty of Science, with a modern teaching approach, an optimal professor-student relationship and excellent quality conditions, both in terms of the qualified teaching staff and the capacity and equipment of the laboratories.

The current European BSc Geology began to be taught in the academic year 2010-2011 and the current curriculum, approved by the ANECA and the Council of Universities in 2016, consists of 240 ECTS credits distributed in the following types of modules: 60 ECTS of Basic Training, 147 ECTS of Compulsory Modules, 24 ECTS of Optional Modules and 9 ECTS of the Undergraduate Dissertation..

The BSc Geology includes more than 60 days of Field Practice (23 ECTS) corresponding to different modules, since this is an essential activity in the training of a Geology professional. In addition, the BSc Geology shares almost half of the credits (117 ECTS) with the BSc Geological Engineering.


Register: 2503475 Graduado o Graduada en Estadística por la Universidad de Salamanca (Vía RUCT)


Memory: Graduate in Geology from the University of Salamanca


Renewal of Accreditation Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering


Coordinator: Javier Elez Villar

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