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The new European Bachelor’s degree in Statistics programme was taught for the first time at USAL in the academic year 2009-2010, after passing the verification process, and it replaced the previous three-year BSc in Statistics.

From the 2016-2017 academic year two different study planscoexist in the BSc in Statistics:

  • The 2009 Plan (verified by the branch of Law and Social Sciences), which has been implemented since 2009-2010. Only those students who have already enrolled in this programme in previous years can continue to do so. This degree renewed its accreditation in 2015.
  • The 2016 Plan (verified by the Science branch) was implemented in 2016-2017. This programme is available for students who enroled in this degree from 2016-2017 onwards. The full implementation of this new curriculum will be progressive, a new course will be implemented in each academic year (first year was implemented in 2016-2017, second year was implemented in 2017-2018, and so on) and, likewise, the courses of the 2009 plan will be progressively discontinued. For more information, see the implementation schedule and equivalence table in the “Adaptation of previous programmes” section of this website.

This degree provides training that enables students to obtain, classify and analyse data from a wide variety of disciplines and contexts, from Basic Science and Health Sciences to Law and Social Sciences; it also allows them to determine and apply the most appropriate computer processing for each type of study and to extract, present and communicate, in the most appropriate way according to the type of work, the conclusions and proposed solutions based on the results obtained, so that they are accepted by decision makers.


Register: 2503289 Graduado o Graduada en Estadística por la Universidad de Salamanca (Vía RUCT)


Memory: Graduate Degree in Statistics from the University of Salamanca


Coordinator: María Teresa Cabero Morán

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