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Welcome to the web page of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Salamanca. Its main objective is to contribute to the scientific, technological and educational advancement of our society, and to serve the society of the 21st century, being a national and international reference. We hope that this website will arouse great interest and participation, informing in an updated and detailed way of everything that happens in our Center.

The Faculty of Science offers six undergraduate degrees (Statistics, Geology, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Engineering and Geological Engineering), three double degrees (Physics-Mathematics, Statistics-Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management-Engineering) and three master’s degrees: three linked to the Faculty (Physics-Mathematics, Statistics-Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management-Engineering) and three master’s degrees(Physics-Mathematics, Statistics-Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management-Engineering).Physics and Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Mathematical Modeling, etc.) and 4 others linked to Departments of the Faculty () and 4 others linked to Departments of the Faculty (Intelligent Systems, Nuclear Physics, Earth Sciences: Environmental and Applied Geology, Physics and Technology of Lasers, etc.), as well as several Ph.), as well as several doctorates.

The new web provides access to the different services (secretariat, mobility programs, sports programs…) management positions (coordinators, commissions…), and departments and areas The Faculty’s four buildings (Main Building, Trilingual Building, La Merced Building and the Casas del Parque) are located in the historic center of Salamanca, adjacent to the Abraham Zacut Library, which is also part of this century-old institution. In addition, it will allow the dissemination of activities and eventsThe system provides news and relevant information in a scalable way, with a block structure from a very intuitive and easily accessible main menu, all of which facilitates the interaction between management tasks and users (teachers, administrative and service staff, researchers and students), as well as the updating of procedures and dissemination in social networks.

This Faculty, which we invite you to join, is intended to be a teaching and research benchmark in Spanish universitiesAll this results in the high quality of our teaching (theoretical, practical, curricular/extracurricular…) and consequently in the excellent training and qualification of our students, which implies a high level of professionalization. In order to achieve this goal, our center has more than 200 faculty members and researchers from more than 20 departments, as well as 1700 students. It is also home to more than twenty research groups and several associated research institutes. This teaching-research binomial in our specialized faculty allows and facilitates the transmission of the compendium of scientific knowledge to the students of our Faculty and a high level of labor insertion. All of the above allows this faculty to create an environment of scientific collaboration with public and private, national and international institutions.

This website is an important tool available to the university community and society as a whole to offer our services and gather their contributions. to offer our services, and to collect their contributions that allow us to increase the quality of our educational offer.

We invite and encourage everyone to participate and be part of our Faculty.

Welcome to the Faculty of Science!


Antonio Miguel Martínez Graña

Dean of the Faculty