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Science Delegation

USAL Council of Delegations

Course Delegates

  • Defends the rights and interests, collective and individual, of his classmates.
  • They are the link with the teacher to agree on class changes and deal with problems that arise in them.
  • They are the link with the Student Delegation for:
    – Disseminate information of interest.
    – Report on the activities of the Delegation.
    – Convey problems from your group.
    – They are chosen at the beginning of each course.

Faculty Board

  • Body made up of members of the faculties and schools (PDI, PAS and students).
  • You represent all the students at your center.
  • You will collaborate in the organization and management of the center, especially your degree. Mainly participates in:
    – Creation of schedules and calendar.
    – Preparation of Study Plan proposals.
    – Organization of the teaching given.


  • Maximum governing body of the university community.
  • Establishes the general lines to follow at the University.
  • The cloistered students elect their representatives on the University Government Council.
  • They are elected every 2 years.

Department Council

  • Governing body of each department.
  • Manages everything related to teaching in the department: programming, teaching staff and organization.
  • Appoints Department Courts for review of qualifications.